Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RE-ceiving guests: Blue Tables

My normal hosting set up: 3 round tables of 10 on my porch.

When I offer to host showers and luncheons, I usually tell the honoree that I can host up to 30 guests.  I use this number because I know I can comfortably fit three round tables of 10 on my covered porch.  Where I live in South Texas, rain is rare and cold is even rarer.  However, even when I am unsure of the weather, I know I can seat 30 inside my home as my backup plan so I never stress if the weather turns bad unexpectedly. 

Above is a picture of a bridal shower table setting I have used, but this time with pink and blue toile tablecloths found on sale at Williams Sonoma outlet. I bought these at the same time as the pink and green toile tablecloths in this table setting entry. 

Having a fixed plan to host 30, allows me to take advantage of sales. I try to buy 3 round table cloths for an outdoor party, plus 2 rectangular tablecloths in case the party moves inside. I rent the white round tables and chairs for the porch, but if I host a party inside, I use my own dining tables. For this shower, I used blue and white ceramic pots for centerpieces that I found probably 15 years ago. They are great for multiple settings and I have used them over and over again. The Spode Blue Room china on the above table was first collected by my sister, Eldarose, for her everyday china and then I started buying it also.   Since we both collect it, I can borrow extra dishes from her if I host a larger party which I did later this same day. The cobalt blue glasses are from Pier One. The white linen napkins are wrapped with blue satin ribbon. This party's favor was a favor bag from Michael's craft store filled with M&Ms stamped with the bride & groom's name.Personalized M&Ms can be ordered online HERE.  

Pictures from a different shower.  You can see that I like this setting of Spode Blue Room china on the blue and pink tablecloths a lot. In the above setting, I used pink roses with greenery instead of the red and hot pink combination I used for the other shower setting above.
Different angle, same party.


This bridal shower from the first picture was from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  My guests and I had a great time, but as soon as they left, I had to begin preparing for another party that evening.  

In hindsight, it wasn't a great plan, but on that same day, I had planned on hosting 60 people for dinner at my house for another couple getting married.  I used the same Spode Blue Italian china, cobalt blue glasses, and centerpieces thus saving money on flowers and rented chairs and tables. To individualize the parties,  I decided to rent blue buffalo-checked tablecloths and I bought blue and white checked napkins from J.C. Penney's online. I found invitations with a blue and white checked fabric square at  The party favor was again M & Ms with the names of the bride and groom. For this tablescape, I used blue chargers I ordered from Horchow.   I did save money by hosting back-to-back parties, but I was certainly tired the next day.  Immediately after the earlier party, I started preparing for the evening party.  I cooked for the earlier party on Friday but I still had tables to set on Saturday morning.  After the bridal brunch, I set up tables for the evening party out in the yard.  I hired a caterer and waiters for the evening party but I was still responsible for desserts.  So after setting the tables in the yard, I had heart-shaped lemon squares and brownies to prepare.  After the guests left that evening, we did clean up until 3 a.m. so I don't recommend 2 parties in one day even with the help of caterers and wait staff it is a LOT to do in one day.
Blue & white Buffalo check tablecloths add an enjoyable country feel for an outdoor setting.
The yellow roses pop against the blue & white backdrop.
My mother seated with my sister, Elsa, and my mother's closest friends standing behind her.
I don't have pictures to upload right now of the table settings for that evening shower, but when I again hosted about 60 people for  dinner on my mother's 75th birthday, I used the same Spode Blue Room China with rented blue & white buffalo-checked tablecloths setting. The only notable change is I used yellow roses and blue hydrangeas for the centerpieces for my mother's birthday party and white linen napkins wrapped with a blue satin ribbon instead of the blue and white checked napkins from JC Penny's I had used at the couple's shower.  
This night was memorable because my mother's tight knit extended family members and her closest friends were able to join us.  As a special gift to my mother who insisted on no gifts, my siblings and I came up with a funny Top 10 list.  To take it easy, we had a catered dinner with wait staff and we hired a photographer to take pictures of the family.  The menu was Italian.  We served appetizers, lasagne, salad, bread and dessert.  The photos above are my own photos from that evening I took before we all sat down for dinner.


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  1. I've put myself in similar situations more than once. I always think that if I've entertained once, I might as well keep going. You are so is exhausting! I usually sleep extremely late the next day...even if it's Sunday! I have the same Orleans toile tablecloths, and I buy multiple cloths for this type of event, too. I think that we're two peas in a pod. Thank you for inviting us for a peak at your celebrations. Cherry Kay

  2. That sounds exhausting! What a nice patio space you have. The blue and white checked tablecloths look great with your dinnerware and stemware.

  3. Wow that was a lot to take on! Sounds like it went okay though! The blue and white tablecloths look great and the blue toile looks like a nice combo with it!

  4. Both tablescapes are so beautiful but just reading this makes me exhausted. You are a better woman than I!! I get tired preparing for our small family!

  5. Wow, you are a hostess-extraordinaire! I had to lie down after reading that you'd hosted two back-to-back large gatherings in ONE DAY! But I loved seeing the lovely tables, and I know your guests were impressed with your ability to enterain so beautifully! You mentioned being in south Texas -- I'm in central Texas, but adore that Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos! We were just there New Year's Eve. Great store!

  6. Wow, busy busy lady but it sounds as though you love it!! Thanks for sharing! I'm one of your newest friends!

  7. Your such a good hostess... I love the way you blend in the yellow roses in blue & white.

    Lovely done.

    Happy TTT,

  8. Love those blue goblets! The tables look very warm and inviting. Looks like a very nice party at each table. Pat

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely tables.Love your dishes. Beautiful porch settings. Come an d visit me JoAnn

  10. I've been oohing and ahhing at your lovely. The cobalt blue works well with everything. I loved the way it looked with both table cloths. You have some lucky friends!
    I'm in Texas too...Houston area. How about you?


  11. Mrshinesclass,

    Yes, we are Texans. Reba and I grew up in South Texas and Reba still lives in our hometown, but I live in Austin, now. Nice to know another Texan.

    Cobalt blue does work well with so many looks. It is great for patriotic holidays and so many other summer looks. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. It is much appreciated.


  12. JoAnn,

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I will definitely visit you. It is so funny, I use to visit other blogs so much more before we had one. Right now, figuring out photo and computer stuff, editing and posting takes up all my blog visiting time. I miss visiting other blogs more. I am going to try to work on that.