Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RE-Ceiving Guests: An Orchid Inspired Family Dinner Table

LADY'S DINNER PARTY.   Reba's sisters-in-law were all in town at the same time which was a special treat so she invited them all over to her house for dinner.  Reba chose a hot pink and green color scheme for the table to go with the festive and feminine nature of the gathering.
PINK ORCHIDS.  Reba selected two pots of hot pink orchids to use for centerpieces.  The orchids coordinated with hot pink wine goblets, plate chargers and the tablecloth to add visual pop to the more restful green and white elements of the tablescape.

SEASONAL TREAT. Orchid blooms are long lasting and a visual treat as a centerpiece.  When they are in season, they are great additions to any table.  I was amused when I saw that Reba had chosen them for her tables this year.  I haven't used them much, but this year, I also happened to buy white ones for my dining room and I couldn't be happier with them. They are pretty low maintenance as far as light and watering goes.  My friend, Martha, suggested I see them as an alternative to cut flowers that will last longer instead of a "plant" and once I did that, I fell in love with them.

BIRD MOTIF.  As she did for a recent bridal shower, Reba emphasized the bird motif in this china pattern by moving small bird figurines she has in her home to her table.
PARROTS & OTHER TROPICAL BIRDS.  We live in a warm, subtropical area, with a lot of bird watching, so these beautiful, colorful salad plates could be appropriate for lots of different occasions. Here, Reba matched them with off white dinner plates and hot pink chargers. Reba also recently used the bird napkins for a bridal shower table setting, you can see HERE.



Reba used a bird motif with a very different end effect at a bridal shower discussed HERE