Saturday, December 3, 2011

RE-crafting: A Christian cross craft for kids

If you have kids in your life, I recommend this simple bead craft for Christmas, Easter or any Christian holiday.  The kids in my 1st grade religious education class were able to make the crosses easily and they loved wearing them afterwards. It'd make a great craft for a Christmas or an Easter playdate, kids party or as an activity for kids on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday.  To change it to an Easter activity, just change the bead colors above to pastels, especially purple and pink.  Adult supervision is mostly required because you don't want little ones to get a hold of the beads, although some kids may also need help with tying the knots.  These crosses were done on cords long enough to be necklaces, but you could cut a smaller length of cording and make them bracelets or tie them to cardstock (or a piece of recycled cereal box painted or wrapped with Xmas paper)  to make bookmarks.  What grandparent wouldn't smile to receive such a sweet bookmark from their grandchild?
For each necklace or bracelet, you need a single strand of plastic cord and 6 beads. My daughter received a few bead/jewelry making kits as bday gifts a couple years ago so we happen to have all the supplies handy
Step 1: Put a single bead thru one side of the cord and then tie a knot. I would try to center the bead, but if it is off center, it is not a big deal because it can be corrected at the end by cutting off extra until it is centered.

Step 2: You take BOTH ends of the cord and thread them thru the center of the second bead. Push this second bead down to lie on top of the 1st bead.  You do not tie a knot.  Step 3: You separate the cords and thread one bead on each end.  Step 4: As seen above, you push both beads down on each end of the cord until they rest on top of the first 2 beads.
Step 5: Thread BOTH ends of the cord through the 5th bead. Push the bead down and then tie a VERY TIGHT knot in the cord above it. Try to get it as close as possible to the top bead.

Step 6: Play with (jiggle) the 3rd and 4th beads to create a little room between them. Since the cord is made of plastic, it should stretch slightly. You will then push in another bead (I used a red bead above) between the 3rd and 4th beads. As part of the activity, you can tell the kids that FAITH is what holds that center piece/bead in place. :)


  1. I think I'll add this to my crafty things to do list! Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I'll be using it this weekend for my Sunday School class! =)

  3. I am going to make this with the children in my Bible class. I am sure they will love it.

  4. Thankyou, this is simple but shows the importance of christmas, will give it a go with our kids club

  5. This will be the craft our Kids Club and Junior Youth send in their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year!


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