Monday, June 2, 2014

RE-ceiving Guests: A Party Takes Flight

Reba hosted a wedding shower for the daughter of a family friend.  A bird theme for each china pattern was reinforced by the silver partridges as added decor and the silver quail salt and pepper shakers.  She used her Waterford Sheila crystal on this table.
Since it was going to be a nice size shower, Reba had to either use her red or blue toile plates again or mix 3 different sets of china to set all the tables.  Reba chose to try pattern mixing since it would give her a chance to use her formal wedding china (Coalport Hong Kong as seen above) which she still loves but has rarely used. Reba decided the Asian bird and floral design in the Hong Kong plates would set a common motif for the different tables. 

A second table featured Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf china which she borrowed from our sister, Elsa. I especially like the vibrant colors in the pattern.  Reba lucked out and realized she had napkins with embroidered birds that matched the china pattern exceptionally well. Elsa found these at the Wisteria catalog outlet shop in Dallas.  She bought 12 for Reba and 12 for herself not realizing how well it would coordinate with her Tobacco Leaf china. The Sabino crystal knife rest is also a partridge.

 This china is a set our father bought while serving in Japan during the Korean conflict.  Our father was unattached while in Japan, but all the other servicemen who had wives and sweethearts were buying china sets since they were so inexpensive so our father picked this china to take back to the aunt who raised him.  When he married five years later, his aunt gifted it back to our parents.  The pattern is very simple and features a delicate bamboo and bird design.  The silver and white setting helped the design stand out. Reba borrowed sterling silver goblets from her mother-in-law to complement the silver pattern of the china. 

The common elements among the three tables were the tablecloths, the flower arrangements, the silver chargers, the silverware, and the gift boxes.

The bride-to-be was delighted with the dessert which was a miniature wedding cake with  a rose on top and their bride and grooms initials on the side. Reba ordered the miniature wedding cake tins and asked her favorite cake shop to bake the cakes.  She has used these at the last two showers. The brides-to-be have been delighted with the desserts.

CLOSE UP OF THE MINI CAKES. Reba has used the tins for quite a few bridal showers. The initials on the cakes to personalize them enough to make them special for each honoree.

For continuity among the tables, the white table cloths were topped by sheer square cloths with a silver thread design.  Also each guest received a small box of lemon tarts, brownies and pound cake all heart shaped.  I like the way the wrapping paper and ribbon played off the table square toppers.

White hydrangeas in silver Revere bowls were the centerpieces at each table.

Written by Eldarose. Reviewed by Reba.

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