Sunday, January 4, 2015

RE-Organizing: Sorry for Technical Problems

I FEEL LIKE THIS WAY TOO OFTEN WHEN I VISIT OUR BLOG.  I edited a post from November about All Saints' Day today and it unexpectedly went out via email to our subscribers. I have no idea why. Sorry for that. A few people have asked us why we haven't been updating our blog.  We have made some new posts, but Feedburner decided to stop delivering the updates back in the Spring so you would only know this by visiting the blog on the web.  I tried to fix the distribution problem several times before I discovered the program, Feedburner, is no longer being serviced so when it has a glitch, there is no one working to fix it.  Grrr. I found a few other programs to use to transfer our subscribers list and get updates going again, but then, I fell into the wormhole thinking about fixing our blog format, our url etc. before we changed to a new distribution system and the to-do list became really big.  It's like renovating an old house, once you start fixing things, the projects expand quickly.   We're working on it.  Sorry again for the oddly timed update. Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for a happy and healthy 2015!

WRITTEN BY ELDAROSE (Who wonders if Feedburner will deliver this or if it was a one time fluke.)

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