Thursday, April 5, 2012

RE-ceiving Guests: Purple, Silver and White Wedding Table & Flowers

I recently attended a beautiful wedding in Austin for the son of friends.  The young couple met in the capital city where they both worked. The bride is an Austin native so the wedding was held there.  The rehearsal dinner was held in an old wooden church that had been moved to Austin from a small town to serve as an events venue.  It is set in a wooded lot with a beautiful garden not far from downtown .  The stone steps leading into the dinner were lit with candles in glass cylinders.  Inside the tables were set with purple tablecloths with some of the most beautiful flower arrangements I have seen.

The main rectangular table was set for the entire wedding party and had these beautiful candelabras with hydrangeas, orchids and snapdragons.

Notice the pretty arrangement in the silver mint julep cup on the window sill in the background. There were small floral arrangements spread around in unexpected areas that added a special touch to the setting.

This was the flower arrangement on the round tables for the rehearsal dinner guests.

The mother of the groom is very attentive to details so she rented special linens for the party.  The purple tablecloth provided a perfect backdrop for the incredible flower arrangements.  The clear glass charger is rimmed by silver spheres.  On top of the folded napkin was the menu card imprinted with the couple's initials.  Above the charger on the left was a chocolate wrapped and tied with a purple ribbon.
The female guests were all given a silver shawl as a favor.  They were tied with a purple ribbon to the silver leaf bamboo style chairs.

This arrangement in the silver urn was surrounded with candles floating in glass cylinders.

Flowers were also in the sinks of the ladies room.  The flowers gave a very  pleasant fragrance which greeted guests when they opened the door.  It was a very nice and thoughtful touch to carry the flowers into every space open to guests.


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  1. The flowers are exquisite! I just LOVE purple flowers. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Easter blessings to you and your family!

    1. I thought the flowers were stunning, too. Reba and I were talking about the purple flowers. I told her it is funny bc if you asked me if I liked purple flowers, I would say no, but 3 of the most memorable flower arrangements I've ever seen/been given featured purple flowers. I guess, I should rethink my position. They are very dramatic and visually pleasing.

      Easter Blessings to you, too!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is appreciated. :D


  2. This was a very pretty event! While the flowers and tables were gorgeous, it was the little idea of the flowers in the sink that touched me!

    1. Agreed. The flowers were gorgeous, I love going to events when the flowers are well done. It captivates me really bc I love flowers so much. But, I'm with you, it is seeing little details where the host/hostess tried to pamper the guests with something that feels like a treat and makes an event stick out for me.

      Reba loved the small flower arrangements on the window sills. When we talked about the wedding that is what she mentioned most - the flowers. My parents really liked favor bags filled with feather boas and funky glasses and hats and dress up stuff that they gave out. They had fun taking pictures with the dress up gear bc they are characters. They texted me pics with them in silly poses so I think that is what they will remember most. Our other sister, Elsa and her family went and of course, they said everything was gorgeous, but they focused more on the dynamics of the guests. They repeated conversations and jokes but they aren't the type to focus on decor. It's funny to see how much a person's personality will influence their impression of the same thing.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.