Friday, April 13, 2012

RE-ceiving Guests: A Traditional & Feminine Table

TRADITIONAL. It feels like I haven't seen a table set like the ones of my childhood in a long time.  My mother's tables are very different from mine.  Her settings are always much more formal and traditional.  While I do enjoy more modern looks, my model for table setting goes to the formal tables my grandmother, aunt and mother would set for ladies parties, luncheons and holidays when I was a child.  When I was home for Easter, I snapped some shots on my iphone (hence the poor photo quality) of my mom's Spring china/table to share. 

THE DORIAN GRAY OF TABLE SETTINGS.  I took this picture last week, but I probably could have taken the same picture 35 years ago, too.  My mother's dining room hasn't changed in all that time.  The very feminine floral china is from Limoges.  The silver is Towle Old Master. I don't know who made the goblets.  The white embroidered tablecloth is one Reba brought back from a trip as a gift for our mom.   The silver candelabras are older than I am so they fall somewhere between "vintage' and "antique". ; )  The glass bud vases may be new in design and by "new" I mean less than 35 years old.    I wonder if a younger person would find this look appealing at all or if they would think it is horribly dated?  Personally, I think it is a look, that while not trendy, is still appealing.   When I grew up tables were very feminine because they were thought to reflect the taste and style of the hostess.  A very feminine table was the norm and I still like a feminine table with floral designs and lace.

DELICATE.  FINE. DAINTY.  Right now I am really into all things rustic and/or modern for decor and table settings, but looking at my mother's table settings over Easter, I remembered enjoying and admiring the details in a finely cut piece of delicate floral china.   I still really like pretty and feminine as a look, what about you?  Classic or out of style? I'm curious what you think.

PLATES CLOSE UP.     I think silver or colored chargers would make the table seem more modern, but I didn't add any because that wouldn't be my mom's style.  One detail I liked was how the scallop of the napkin's edge matched the scallop edging of the plates and the curve of the silver ware.   No modern sharp angles here.  I find it funny how things go in and out of fashion.  Who knows what will be in 35 years from now. 

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  1. Love the delicate feminine table. Your mothers things are just beautiful. All the curves that you pointed out. I bet it has brought back so many warm memories. I know my mothers things do to me. And I've noticed the plates and crytal during her era is much smaller than today. And I like that.


    1. Nann,

      Thanks so much for the nice comment. Some of my mom's tableware definitely has sentimental value. I hadn't thought about it before your comment about your mom's plates and crystal being smaller, but I do have some older, vintage plates and some of the dinner plates are definitely smaller than my newer plates. I looked it up and the site below says dinner plates use to be 7-9 inches wide and now they are 10-12 inches wide.

      How interesting. It reminds me of that pinterest post about how "a serving" size is so much larger now and how we are eating so much more in very subtle ways. It has turned out to be a very bad trend. I know I've seen articles about how using smaller plates help ppl eat less bc it tricks your mind into seeing the food as more than it is.

      sorry for going off on a tangent. Thanks for the reply.


    2. Love, love, love the swirls!!

    3. Denise,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. So glad you liked the swirls. They are pretty. Thank you for making me notice them more. I only notice the curves in the different table elements bc so much tableware is geometric angles nowadays, but you're right the swirls are a unique choice by the china designer.


  2. I think that the table should be set for the purpose, theme or style of dining that will occur. Of course, each table scape will still bear the wonderful touch and personality of the host/hostess, whether modern ,traditional, rustic, or eclectic. And, that is the beauty of it - they are our own, and wonderful no matter the style.

    I have followed you back from your visit to my blog, and am so glad to be here! Thanks for inviting me over! I have followed back too - officially - in both Linky and Blogger Followers. Glad to make your acquaintance, and to be allowed to hang around for inspiration and thoughtful posts. :-)

  3. Beautiful tablescape. Your china is stunning and all the pretty flowers, gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Quality and elegance never goes out of style.... very beautiful!

  5. What a pretty, pretty table. I love seeing tables like this that are so traditional. I usually do much simpler tables but I think it is more from a way I entertain than preferring that style. I think this is a timeless table and so lovely.

  6. Oh I just loooooove that china!

    I love a gorgeous feminine pretty table.

  7. So lovely and romantic!
    Visiting from Tablescape Thursday

    Greetings from Australia♥

  8. I love the classic, timeless look of your mom's table setting. So beautiful!