Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RE-CEIVING GUESTS: St. Patrick's Day Table #3

THINK GREEN.  While it is still fairly cool outside, it is nice to remember that Spring is around the corner.  I decided to set a table for St. Patrick's Day and let that prompt a ladies lunch with some of my closest friends. Nothing fancy, but definitely a festive table.   I served an Irish Stew, green salad, asparagus, key lime pie and white pineapple cake. Reba lent me green napkins which I tied with shamrock ribbon.  I recycled the pots of gold crafts I made from recycled yogurt cups painted gold and the leprechaun hat trap I posted about in our first St. Patrick's Table post.  But this year, I used cream everyday dishes, green felt placemats on top of a green and white check tablecloth I've had for several years.  I used my Francis 1st flatware to add some bling but kept it casual with my Mikasa French Country goblets.
Green Hydrangeas.  I love fresh flowers for holidays and I felt these hydrangeas added a nice touch to the table. I added some shamrock ribbon I bought from the Hobby Lobby and a glittery shamrock garland I saw at the Dollar store.

THREE-LEAVED SHAMROCKS.  The tablecloth trim has a white vine with three-leaved buds on a green background that looks much like an inversed shamrock design which I liked for the holiday.  I also liked that the green placemats had 3 leaves.  It's not a big deal, but I have noticed a lot of St. Patrick's Day holiday decor featuring 4 leaf clovers.  St. Patrick is well known for using a 3 leaf shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to early Christians.   Whenever I see the 4 leaf shamrocks I feel like part of St. Patrick's legacy is being dismissed.

LUCK OF THE IRISH.  I count my friends among my blessings and it was nice to make a point to see them.  I was tickled when my friend Kathleen emailed a thanks for lunch and said "I have found the pot of gold.    I am so blessed to have such an amazing group of women in my life!!"  I thought the Irish Stew came out tasty so I can recommend the recipes I am linking, but honestly the most important part to any gathering is always the company therefore I had a fantastic luncheon.   Hope ya'll enjoyed St. Patrick's Day as well and if not, you can start planning for next year now. :)

You can see the Slow Cooker Irish Stew recipe I used from Tablespoon HERE.  I slightly changed the recipe because I saw another very similar Slow Cooker Irish Stew recipe HERE that included green beans, worcestershire sauce and thyme so added those in as well.  It was easy to make and hearty.  I might have added a bit more salt and seasoning but overall I give it a thumbs up.


Reba's posted St. Patick's Day Table HERE

My St. Patrick's Day table mostly from recycled and crafted items can be seen HERE


  1. Beautiful St. Pat's table; I love everything about! Pretty White dishes but the bowls with the Irish stew are my fav!!!
    Happy St. Pat's,

    1. The stew was good and pretty straight forward to make, which was perfect for me bc I am still a novice cook. Thanks for the reply. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness!! That Irish stew looks so yummy!!! The table is gorgeous, too - the hat is adorable, as well as the other St. Patrick's Day accessories. Love your green Hydrangeas!!